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Our goal is to create a vibrant community that values compassion, creativity, and wellness. We are aware of how yoga, meditation, and the arts can be empowering, healing, and transformational.


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Shuddhi aesthetics

Yoga is a joyful form that reminds people of the upside-down and upright childhood adventures they enjoyed.


We teach /Hatha Yoga / Astanga yoga / Vinyasa yoga/ Yin yoga/pranayama And meditation techniques

Each individual class will be designed by experienced teachers . Every class will be a mix of asana pranayama and dyaana

108 Surya Namaskara class will be conducted once a month  [Highly recommended to regular practitioners only 

Yoga Acitivity


The proper side leading is often used to define the asanas, but this method has to be modified. The advanced Yogasanas practise system is intended to undergo this transition thanks to the 200-hour Hatha, Karuna Yoga teacher training programme in Bangalore.


Yoga is the art of using a guided meditation to implant an intention, or sankalpa, deep inside the subconscious. Yoga has numerous advantages, such as reducing stress, easing sleeplessness, cleansing the mind, and paving the path for your objectives.


Yoga is the science of happy, healthy living. It ought to be a part of our everyday lives. The Sanskrit term yuj, which means to unite, is where the word yoga, which meaning "unity" or "oneness," originates. Yoga essentially balances the body, mind, and spirit. It means joining the individual consciousness to the universal consciousness. A person's mental, physical, and emotional health can be balanced with the help of yoga.

Forms of yoga we teach

Art Space Acitivity

Dance Classes

The universal language of love, peace, and harmony has been proven to be dance. Dance is a potent yet enjoyable medium to develop creativity, increase self-assurance, improve social skills, productivity, foster teamwork, and more

Vocal Training

Learn your communication style and voice quality! Both online and offline training is one-on-one. For singers, courses are matched to songs of various languages and genres; for other vocal artists and working professionals, courses are matched to a specific field of work and desired goals.

Musical Instruments Classes

Learning an instrument is the first step towards becoming a musician. The Foundation has a staff of instructors who provide private and group instruction in a variety of instruments as well as theory classes. Along with musical ability, lessons aid kids in developing self-discipline, focus, and social skills.

Language Classes

 we now live in a global community and have quick and easy access to the rest of the world. Easy communication is one of the key elements that keeps the world interconnected. It serves as a link between individuals from all corners of the world, bringing them together. Thus, learning a new language creates a bridge that allows people of different cultures to interact.

Theatre for kids

Theatre produced or viewed by younger audiences falls under the umbrella of Theatre for Young Audiences, a subfield of Theatre Arts. It encompasses a wide range of theatrical techniques and expressions, such as plays, dance, music, circus, physical theatre, and many more.

We are also planning to introduce various art forms like Kalari[ Indian Martial arts] / Classical ND Hip-hop Dance /Vocal training / musical instruments and so on

We will also conduct various weekend Art workshops going forward .

Our Vision at SHUDDHI is to introduce and bring In all kinds of art forms and creating a freespirited artistic community at one Stop.

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